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The Purpose of Web Analytics

At Tumado we can help you get started in web analytics, or help you with tool configuration, reporting, ongoing analysis and optimization services.

Why use Web analytics?

Depending on your organizational role the answer to this question will vary, but in its barest form the answer is one of the following:

1. To optimize your site
2. To optimize the marketing for your site

That is what it all comes down to: Convincing more of the right people to come to your site, and then helping them to complete the task that generates success.

This is really the goal of any business, whether you are a brick-and-mortar retail store, a traditional media outlet, or an online retailer or media outlet. The goals are the same; the difference is that using Web analytics gives online entities a level of customer examination that traditional counterparts could only dream of.

The process of using Web analytics includes the following steps:

1. Identify and Measure KPI
2. Report
3. Analyze
4. Optimize
5. Innovate

Here's an overview of our services which we believe can be tailored according to your business.

Web Analytics Vendor Tool Selection

Web Analytics Audit

Web Analytics Tool Implementation and Support

Web Analytics Reporting

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) set up

Web Analytics Scorecard Creation

Web Analytics Dashboard

Web Analytics Administration

Campaign Analytics